Monday, December 26, 2011


I use to think I was different then everyone else. I didn't fit in and I felt abnormal. Until I realized what is considered normal in this world, is insane. Abnormal is the new normal for me now. It is normal to have or be authenticity, Love, hugs and compassion. To me it is insanity when it is not present. I don't understand the insane.

I do wish I had a positive mother role, there are many willing to play the role so long as I let them tell me what to do.

I am glad to be writing even this. I quit smoking recently. I realized that when I smoked, when people weren't all that nice or did not respect my boundaries I would suck it in and not say anything. Now that I quit smoking I can't suck it in any longer. I feel compelled to say something. People don't like it as much when I keep my boundaries and I find that irritating now. I still rather not smoke then suck it all in.

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