Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Emergency Contact person

Every time I fill out those sheets at the doctors office, you know, the ones that say Emergency contact person. I  never have anyone to put down and it reminds me how alone I really am. I just want someone to play with for the rest of our lives. Someone that loves the way I dream and wants to create with me. Click below to see and feel what I mean. When you get to the Michael Stipe the REM singer, that's it, it is my heart, I love the way you dream.

I love the way you dream

New Years Eve Party - Time to evolve ourselves in 2012

The most memorable moments of my night:

I was saying hello to an acquaintance that I have run into through out the last few years, when all of a sudden someone that knew him came up to give him a hug. He somewhat hesitated trying to be mindful that I was standing there. They both received a not from you and they included me in their embraced. One told the other how much he meant to him. It was so authentic and from the heart that I was in ahh of how authentic friendship looked like. I appreciated being able to be part of that amazing moment. My words can not come close to what the experience was. It is really the way I have imagined that life and people should be and are so afraid to.