Friday, December 23, 2011

This is a scary Big Step

Today is the day that I create my first blog. It is a very scary thing to do for me and so I am going to just write for me and do it authentically. It is right before Christmas which is a very hard time anyway, as I have not had a traditional family my whole life. My birth was a family secret and who my father was or is was kept from me and everybody until about 1981. When I found out this secret my cousin became my half sister, which I will refer to as my cousis.

Ironically today, my mother sent my grandmother a nice gift basket addressing it from Her, her husband and guess who my cousis. Even after all of these years it still hurts that my mother does intentional passive aggressive mean things to me. It gets easier, however, it still hurts. I have turned all of the pain inward, developing, compassion, insight, strength understanding and power.

Well now to figure out where to begin, shall I begin about me, about being a foster child, abandoned, or reaching enlightenment, etc. There is soo much to say. I will tell you this, there will be great insight to offer. I will be sharing my experiences from the past, the present and the future relationship. This is about a human experience and it is not your typical conversation.

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