Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Idea to Get You Started Writing Your Book

So I'm dating this guy, and today I called him a barnacle. I call him a barnacle because he wants to do everything I do. I buy a sketch pad to draw and he starts sketching in it before I do. I want to write a book and he tells his therapist he is going to start writing. He writes six pages and asks me, "I wrote six pages, how many did you write?" I say I'm going to throw a party and he schedules a party at his house and invites all my friends. I won't even say what else he has done with my friends. 

That doesn't matter, what matters is writing something, right?

So, how was it that he was able to write so much more then me?

Well, he started writing about his life backwards chronologically. So remember an event in your life, put down the year, then add rough details and voila you then have an outline of significant events of your life. 

So ironically, I'm being the barnacle now. If it works, do it.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Writing as if my life depended on it.

Well now that we want to write a book more then anything, it is time to get started. 

I will get started by:

1. Writing every morning

I will start writing every morning what ever thoughts come into my mind. This serves two purposes. If you try it you might find that your mind is a lot clearer the rest of the day and it is easier for me to write first thing as I end up busy through out my day. I ride the bus and so I will be using my phone to type in my random thoughts.

2. I purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking

I purchased the software and found that I needed a really good head and microphone set, specifically with  USB. Apparently with the USB it does not need to go through your computer first so it is more effective in interpreting what you are saying.
I have not written more using this software because I have not done it enough to get use to dictating. I will keep trying and will be using word with the software and transfer the writing into a writing software. It seems that paper and pen are still my best friend.

3. I went on Youtube and did a search for writing software.

It seems to me that I can learn much more about software by watching a video of someone actually using it. No one can tell you or me what will work best for us but we can choose what we want by actually watching how it works. Here are two video's that I found to be helpful. The first video was about Scrivener and the second was Find the Best Writing Software Programs .

I'm personally looking for writing software that will enable me to create more then one book at a time, transfer what I write easy from and to other media like word, and easy to organize.

Brainstorming How to Start Writing a Book Made Simple

I started this blog years ago and have not written as much as I imagined. So many movie stars I grew up with have died recently, the latest being Shirley Temple, it is more apparent that I do not have forever and at any time even I could die.
I have no doubt that there are many others that want to write too and would like to shift from one day or I should start to actually writing.
I have spent well over thirty years saying I should write a book. How long have you been saying it?
I now have a realization of how to make it happen which I will share with you now.
When you want and have the desire to write, MORE then anything else, you will. Until then you most likely won't.

I finally want it more then just about anything else, do you? If so I will share my process with it and I welcome you to share what works for you as well in future posts under the Labels, "How To"

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Realizations from today, yesterday for tomorrow, Conversations with myself

Realizations from today, yesterday for tomorrow, Conversations with myself

I am disappointed, happy and self realized at the same time. I finally thought about the questions I never asked.

Are there soul mates? How do you know it if you see it? Can you recognize it? If it was right in front of you would you know how to treat it? What does it look like? Are you really ready for it? All want it but few are really ready. How do you know if you are ready? How do you know which one is the one? Why don't you have it?

I am grateful for the experiences that have gotten me to this point of understanding. I can recognize and respect something that is right in front of me. Had I not had my experiences I would not have this recognition, understanding and self evolvement.

A hunter after the elusive, hunting for something already there. How much pizza is in your fridge? Mastery of Love, read it! Along with the Four Agreements.

A hunter after the elusive, hunting for something already there. How much pizza is in your fridge? Mastery of Love, read it! Along with the Four Agreements.

We all had it, what happened to it? How did you treat it when it was there? Where did it go?


(With 88% of the population not being wired to be leaders may not learn, not everyone does and not everyone makes it.

I was feeling cynical and resign especially in the area of relationships and men. I was thinking, as I read my note from the Universe.

well what happened to happily ever after, Gawd.

My thought replied,

well, I never told you that there was a happily ever after.

Then I thought,

No you didn't it was all those others that taught me that, people, fairy tale stories and it was all a bunch of bullshit, all of it.

Then I read my message from the universe this morning:

Deliberate living is very cool, Kim, but so is deliberate resting.

My thoughts,

Oh ya, I can be better with my intentions, and I have not felt like I have created very much lately.
Oh ya, I can rest from creating.

Then the rest of the message from the universe:

Actually, AliceXandria, everything is deliberate in your world, isn't it?

My thought answer

Oh yes, of course, I thought, even not having the happily ever after was created by me. Hmm, but of course.

One of the things I look forward to every morning are my Notes From the Universe. They are unique notes from the Universe that are created with your intentions embedded in them. Here is the link to get your own notes from the Universe every day. Notes From the Universe