Monday, January 2, 2012

At the mall on New Years Eve

On December 31 I had no clue what I was going to wear for New years Eve. I went to the mall to fix my hair.  I looked around for an outfit and thought, everything in the stores looked like it was for a rave party. I was wondering, what happened? Who is creating this? Well we are creating the fashion if thats what were buying. Or is it the corporations creating what we like to buy. All of the intricate details and t-shirts with Labrynths, skate wear like at Zumies, Imaginary Foundation Unfolding Graphic Tee Shirt. It is all strange as this t-shirt and others appeal to my enlightened mind, which confuses me more. Do these rich corporate people go to these rave parties or thought provoking social gatherings and figure out what is popular? Are the corporate owners Ravers? Or are the ravers, hippies that have really created these styles of animal hats and scarves originally created at home and off the market, well are these same self creative home sewing people making it big selling and mass producing all their stuff. Or are the corporations stealing and copying these ideas from Burning Man as I can see many styles at Burning Man that never existed and then after Burning Man it is produced and listed. All of these self expressing, thought provoking clothing and styles and yet there is Occupy Wall Street while the malls are filled with self expressing tees wanting to be free giving the money to an entity from a  serendipity kid. It is all just strange and I can not see spending $40 on a t-shirt. Oh wait or should I just buy it spend my money and pretend that I have enough to buy it all and just trust and live as if I have enough money to buy all of these self expressive thought provoking clothes. Then I wonder why I don't have enough money. I was told if I believed and just did it everything in the secret everything will be alright. Oh wait, everything is alright, except that I don't have enough to pay other things now. I left the mall without buying anything. I found I had everything I needed at home in a couple of hours. I mixed matched and it looked as if I had thought about it.

Talk about a rambling mind while shopping, which leads me to these closing statements. I have learned to create  with my thoughts, in fact sometimes I speak and it appears within minutes. Other things, well, I just have not been able to figure out how to create it. I am betting that I am not alone and many of us can create and get what we want except for those few little things. Love and money. The movie "The Secret" is nothing new, this information has been around for decades and has been explained and written about. The movie "The Secret" simply repackaged what already existed and made it sexier. There is so much more to it and as I am learning and moving through it I would like to share that process of figuring out how to do it. As I go through the process so will you, like the Never Ending Story we both create the story. They left out some things, you must get to know yourself and take inventory.

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