Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Writing as if my life depended on it.

Well now that we want to write a book more then anything, it is time to get started. 

I will get started by:

1. Writing every morning

I will start writing every morning what ever thoughts come into my mind. This serves two purposes. If you try it you might find that your mind is a lot clearer the rest of the day and it is easier for me to write first thing as I end up busy through out my day. I ride the bus and so I will be using my phone to type in my random thoughts.

2. I purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking

I purchased the software and found that I needed a really good head and microphone set, specifically with  USB. Apparently with the USB it does not need to go through your computer first so it is more effective in interpreting what you are saying.
I have not written more using this software because I have not done it enough to get use to dictating. I will keep trying and will be using word with the software and transfer the writing into a writing software. It seems that paper and pen are still my best friend.

3. I went on Youtube and did a search for writing software.

It seems to me that I can learn much more about software by watching a video of someone actually using it. No one can tell you or me what will work best for us but we can choose what we want by actually watching how it works. Here are two video's that I found to be helpful. The first video was about Scrivener and the second was Find the Best Writing Software Programs .

I'm personally looking for writing software that will enable me to create more then one book at a time, transfer what I write easy from and to other media like word, and easy to organize.

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  1. 2014, is a long time ago already.
    I also have had the urge to pen some of the stories from my life's journey. There are many, many very funny, but almost everyone that I recall, good or bad, were lessons for me.
    I also thought like you to just talk to my pc and then edit the script. I never did anything about that though,so my story stays in my head, though many parts have been shared with others already as little anectdotes.
    About 30 years ago, I started scribbling notes every now and then. Sometimes in bars when alcohol was stimulating my idea machine. Many of those notes though, are unintelligible, because although my mind was stimulated, my fingers had, apprently, sprung minds of their own under the influence of the amber nectar. Other ideas came in the middle of the night, when I would suddenly sit bolt upright, thinking "Eureka!". And yet again, sometimes in the bath, sometimes on the subway... in fact almost any time, almost anywhere.
    I have a cardboard box, not too big, maybe about 12" x 12" x 12", which has become like a bin for all those scribbled notes over many years. From time to time, I will just take some time for myself, spontaneously, and just rummage through that cardboard bin. You know what? I ususally wonder, "did I really write this stuff?" That is because I am so often impressed to know that my mind can work in such an interesting way.
    Good luck with your book, I am not certain that I will every make the time to put my many scribbles together into coherent reading. However, I am sure that they give me a great feeling of satisfaction about my life's journey. That satisfaction, is I believe, like all my memories, the true value in my life todate.