Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Idea to Get You Started Writing Your Book

So I'm dating this guy, and today I called him a barnacle. I call him a barnacle because he wants to do everything I do. I buy a sketch pad to draw and he starts sketching in it before I do. I want to write a book and he tells his therapist he is going to start writing. He writes six pages and asks me, "I wrote six pages, how many did you write?" I say I'm going to throw a party and he schedules a party at his house and invites all my friends. I won't even say what else he has done with my friends. 

That doesn't matter, what matters is writing something, right?

So, how was it that he was able to write so much more then me?

Well, he started writing about his life backwards chronologically. So remember an event in your life, put down the year, then add rough details and voila you then have an outline of significant events of your life. 

So ironically, I'm being the barnacle now. If it works, do it.

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