Saturday, February 23, 2013

Do you feel alone right now? You are a clever disguise of me

I am you and you are me, we have been Job, Jesus, Arjuna, Esther, God, the building we live in, the roads that have been repaved in our city. We have been in hell and we have created heaven on earth.

Yet even though we are one. In the literal sense. You have come to this page, today, at this very moment to read these exact words, even though we are rationalizing or thinking, she can not be talking to me, right now, could she? That is impossible, you say? These words, this clue to the biggest mystery has been put here by you, so that we may read them at this moment to remind us once again, and again, of the biggest mystery of all, that we think we know and understand at times and yet we forget again, that this is the Never Ending Story and we are one and you are not alone this very moment. The Universe is whispering to you, wake up Neo, you are who you are waiting for. The oracle will continue to present situations and words that we need to experience and hear to remind us that you are creating right now,  the possibility of this moment.

 Thank you for reminding me.

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